What are Sportraits?

Sportraits by ActivePix are a unique way of photographing athletes and active people of all ages.

Designed to be distinct from conventional sports images, Sportraits will take pride of place in your home and are the perfect present for active people of all ages, in all sports.  

How does it work?

Creation of Sportraits starts with a photo-shoot in our pop-up studio, where we can ensure lighting and poses that fit the Sportraits style.  

For each image, the bespoke process starts with the subject being carefully removed from the background and then woven into a dramatic background.  Typically, we will create 3 different designs for every client and aim to prepare proofs within 7 days of the photo-shoot.

If you would like to schedule a photo shoot at your club or school, the ActivePix mobile studio may be booked for any venue in the West Midlands, based on a minimum of 5 confirmed* clients.  Why not get together with team mates, parents or colleagues to schedule a photo shoot session at your club, school or organisation?

Interested in Sportraits?  Please contact Nick Browning at [email protected] or 07795 677 915.